COVID-19 Updates

Updated on 5/21/2020 at 11:30am

Knuckleheads Covid 19 Re Opening Plan

Welcoming Back our Guests to Knuckleheads Trampoline Park, Rides and Bowling

We are beyond excited to re-open our amusement park to our employees, local residents, and visiting guests, as they have been greatly missed. Keeping everyone safe and healthy has always been a top priority for Knuckleheads, long before Covid-19 existed. As the world was on pause, we used our time to re-develop our safety handbooks and regulations to help protect both our customers and employees from Covid-19. Using information and guidance given by the CDC, as well as State and Local resources, we have put together a re-opening plan that addresses all social distancing and safety concerns in each individual area of our building. Navigating this time can be very difficult for customers and employees as businesses begin to open. Our goal is to make sure everyone returning is comfortable and confident that Knuckleheads is safe for much-needed family fun.

*The below outline is subject to change based on updates we receive from the state, public health department, and CDC guidelines.

Hours of Operation and Capacity
Hours will be 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. After two weeks we will evaluate and make a decision to continue, shorten, or extend hours as needed. We will continue to evaluate weekly.

Employee and Customer Guidelines
All employees reporting to work will be screened for respiratory symptoms and have their body temperature taken as a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Disposable thermometers will be available if requested by the guests, as well.

• Employees will sign a handbook policy update acknowledging requirements of health in order to remain at work.
• Screening results will be logged in a spreadsheet designated to each individual employee. This will also note if the employee was sent home.
• If an employee is sent home, they must also sign an agreement of self-certification before returning to work that they are healthy and symptoms have passed for noted amount of time.

All employees will be required to wear a mask while working if social distancing cannot be achieved.
• Masks will be required once an employee has clocked in.
• Masks will be provided by Knuckleheads to employees.
• Masks will help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by those who do not show symptoms but carry the virus.

All employees have received training on how to properly use chemicals and the most efficient way to clean and social distance to prevent spread.

To maintain social distancing, we ask that, when possible, just one person from the customer’s family stands in line to purchase passes.

Hand Sanitation Stations
Hand sanitizer will be available at the following locations throughout the building:
• Restrooms
• Amusement Rides
• Throughout the Arcade
• Entrance/Exits
• Throughout the Bowling Alley

All hand sanitizer stations will be filled and properly wiped down regularly. Sanitizer used will contain the correct levels of alcohol per CDC recommendation.

All hand sanitizer stations will be clearly labeled.

General Building Sanitation
Multiple employees will be sanitizing general areas during operating hours. More specific sanitation guidelines are listed with each area of the building.
• All door handles will be properly sanitized.
• Seating and benches will be continuously wiped down.
• All railings will be continuously sanitized throughout the day.
• All garbage cans, ledges, and other areas where people may lean or touch will be continuously disinfected.

Register Guidelines
Hand sanitizer will be available at register stations.

Social distancing decals will be used on the floor at each register lane. These will be placed 6 feet apart to help ensure customers keep their distance while in line.

Credit cards with chip/pin and touchless payment systems such as Apple Pay will be highly encouraged to reduce close interaction between customers and staff.

Credit card readers will be disinfected between every transaction.

Wristbands will be given to the customer to put on themselves in view of the employee instead of being banded by the employee. This will reduce close interaction between the employee and the customer.

Restrooms are available that have walk-out (doorless) entrance/exits which will help prevent the spread of germs.
Restrooms have touchless faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers and paper towel dispensers.
The toilets are automatic flush.
Hand sanitizer will be available for guests as they leave each restroom.
Restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned multiple times per day.
All bathroom stall handles, faucets, and other high touch areas will be sanitized every hour.
Handwashing procedures will be posted.

Kitchen and Snack Bar
In order to follow social distancing guidelines, half of the snack bar tables/chairs will be removed from the seating area. This will ensure guests can remain 6 feet apart from others dining at Knuckleheads.

All ketchup/mustard caddies will be removed from the tables. Disposable condiment packets will be available to guests.

Menus will be removed from tables and switched to be available on TV monitors. Guests will also have access to disposable menus so they are able to take the menu with them or throw them out when they are finished so they are not re-used.

Any employee cooking food will be required to wear a mask.

Rides/Amusement Park
Every amusement park ride will have a hand sanitizer station accessible to customers entering/exiting the ride.

Every ride will have social distancing decals where lines form. These will be placed 6 feet apart to help ensure customers keep their distance while waiting.

Employees will allow one household group into the ride fence at a time. The next group will not be allowed to enter until the first group is seated.

Any ride that allows multiple riders into one cell, car, or kart must be shared only by individuals from the same household. This pertains to the Roller Coaster, Tornado, Flying Tigers and Go-Karts.

Any ride that has seating closer than 6 feet will skip every other chair/kart, etc. This pertains to the Roller Coaster and Dark Ride theater.

After a ride has ended, each group will be asked to leave the ride area individually. Every ride or seat that was used will be sanitized.

Jumping Pillow
Capacity jumping at one time will be limited to 50% unless all jumpers are from the same family. If there is no line the kids can jump as long as they would like. If there is a line, they may only jump 10 minutes. The Jumping Pillow will be sanitized a minimum of every hour with spray.

Ropes Course-As recommended by the manufacturer

• Capacity cut to 50%.
• Only one customer allowed on a platform at one time.
• Participants must sanitize hands before starting the ropes course experience.
• Employees will sanitize hands between harnessing each customer.
• Direct a path around the course so customers do not have to pass closely on elements in the air.
• All harnesses and element “touch points” will be sanitized between each group.
• All harnesses will be deep cleaned nightly.

Trampoline Park

Trampoline park capacity will be reduced from 90 tickets sold at one time to 45 tickets sold.
Hand sanitizer will be available in all areas of the trampoline park.

All trampoline waivers must be filled out before arriving to jump or on a personal mobile electronic device. Public computers will not be available to customers.

Entire trampoline park will be deep cleaned every night at close, including all padding, trampoline beds, airbag, and basketball rims.

Only one customer allowed per trampoline square while jumping to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Trampoline pads and trampoline beds will be continuously wiped and disinfected throughout operating hours.

Bowling Center
Knuckleheads has 10 bowling lanes, grouped into 5 pairs. Bowling lane pairs may only be shared by members of the same household. If a small group only needs one lane, the second in the pair will be blocked and will not be sold to another group.

All bowling shoes are sanitized after each use, and will be returned to designated area.

Each lane will have a small assortment of sizes that can be used only on that lane. If they need more of a size the employee will bring them. The balls will be sanitized after the group is finished bowling, before the next group is allowed to enter the area.

Once a group has finished, the entire area will be sanitized including:
• Balls
• Score screen
• Couches
• Table

One employee will be on the game floor sanitizing games throughout the day, paying close attention to “high touch” areas.

A deep disinfect will be done every day before open.

Games will be appropriately spaced out to meet social distancing guidelines.

Many arcade games involve re-used items. These will not be currently available for play.

Additional hand sanitizer stations are being custom built and will be supplied specifically for the arcade areas.




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